Anna leads the Contents Management. In MU! Studio we are known for being very flexible and offer personal solutions to our customers, and this could not be without the bold spirit of Anna. Able to understand what the customer wants and needs. She always thinks and offers the best possibilities and solutions. A restless mind, who knows how to spark motivation to all the team, and not get tired of looking for what is most needed at all times.
Degree in Advertising and Public Relations considers that a good team is essential to make the best of one another. 

We promise, Anna is always attentive, available and supporting our customer and involved 100%.
has managed to be the professional she is today thanks to the experience of having worked for large clients and in different disciplines within the larger world of Communication and Design. Events and advertising agencies make up her background, where she has learned to value the rigor and effort of big producers of advertising, which have formed her as a real chameleon, able to adapt to any reality.



If there is a space where Sebastian moves like a fish in water is graphic & motion design. He is a true dedicated professional. He believes there are no limitations for creation. He is meticulous and works thoroughly and this is reflected in his artistic and corporate side. He loves  design processes as a pillar to resolve visual communication tasks: fonts, shapes, colours, … His works always surprise us and invite us to think and enjoy new perspectives & ideas. He believes colours and shapes can change the world.

Sebastian has developed his experience as a designer working for one of Spain’s biggest Digital Signage companies. But his most courageous and significant step was when he created his own design and motion graphics studio in 2011. His main approach was to combine his design skills with the passion & dedication he puts in his art style. With that mix in hand, he decided to try out for himself without fear of failure (in a world in the middle of a crisis) and knowing that every step would be an opportunity to learn & create something unique. Time has proven right 🙂



Albert is obsessed with script writing, film direction and camera operation. He is bold, decisive and a very dedicated professional that puts  a lot of passion in all his videography. You can be sure that your event will be accurately filmed with very good taste if Albert is behind it.

Albert is a great asset. His experience & education as film director has pushed his aesthetics high, even simple videos & television ads where he was involved look magical with a movie film feel added to it. He is a prodigious script writer, working all the time on new projects & art films.


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