If a memory is as strong as a statue it will be forever alive. Statues are meant to last more than our lifetime and every time you recall a memory, it gains life, your statue becomes alive and dances with you. This video is a tribute to our baby boy RAY who died in November 2016 (7 months old) in his mom’s womb. He is gone physically, leaving us in a bad shape, but we haven’t lost our spirit & illusions. Every very time we remember RAY, we dance the three of us. Our statue becomes alive again.

I believe art can help to heal anyone. So I wanted this video to express happiness, peace & hope. It is easy to stay devastated and not move forward. That is not our way. I wanted to represent with this endless sea the womb of my wife Anna. How some little cells became alive. The sudden movements symbolize the little kicks he gave and the life he had. Then at the end he becomes a statue on an endless sea, waiting for us to dance again with him.

Technically there is a lot going on:

-Cinema 4D, XParticles on various levels, GSG HDRI Rig, GSG Signal, PLA, Infinite Ocean

See tests & exploration below.




Art Direction / 3D Animation / Sound Design / Post-Production

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