Digital Signage contents can be beautiful, entertaining, engaging, functional and multipurpose (social media if done right). We’ve seen too many lazy contents in various screens out there. Contents that look like an animated Power Point presentation. We believe that a screen is meant to be used correctly and display information useful for your client but, it must

also reflect your business and dedication, boost sales while strengthening your corporate image. In a globalized world & economy, the quality of your contents at the end of the day reflect who you are and the products/services you offer. Let’s do it right and with passion.


Experience with a broad range of projects that go from a human stent representation for a pharmaceutical company to the packaging designs of a company that packs fruits & vegetables, is just a small example of what we can do and how we can adapt to the needs of anyone.

We also firmly believe, that corporate contents though they are not art, they have just as much of dedication if not more. As artists, we can sure guarantee you this.


Entranced with the abstract, we bet on the personal style of Sebastian to express our art. He believes colours and shapes can change the world by thriving people into introspection. His style has been used in all kinds of media: Phone cases, packaging, clothing, etc. He also has been featured in books, magazines, exhibitions and other branded projects.

Abstraction is a democratic language where everyone can have a valid opinion. Art must not leave you indifferent and Sebastian’s style will mesmerize you. Dive with us into the Abstract!
Techniques: Vector for Illustration, 3D Cad for Motion.


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